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How far would you go to escape a virtual prison?

The first 2D webisode and VR Experience of TRIALS OF EMBER are now streaming on YouTube. Co-created by Amy Schumacher and Jayme Wojciechowski, this mysterious and action-packed series explores the lengths a warrior is willing to go when forced to confront her deepest subconscious fears.

Since May, TRIALS OF EMBER has received over 35k combined views on Youtube & Facebook.

STAGE ONE (7m 25s):



Trapped in a virtual world filled with epic sword battles, TRIALS OF EMBER follows Ember (Amy Schumacher), a headstrong warrior, as she fights her way through a series of brutal trials in order to become one of humanity’s greatest protectors. For her first trial, Ember is forced to repeatedly relive the murder of her only brother, Cypress (Jayme Wojciechowski) and come to terms with the role she played in his death.

The first season of TRIALS OF EMBER will include 6 webisodes. In order to bridge the gap between traditional and non-traditional content, each additional webisode will include unique 2D and 3D-VR versions. The recently released STAGE ONE VR EXPERIENCE is a teaser for the full VR webisodes to come, and gives viewers an immersive 360 and 3D view of the sword fights from STAGE ONE.

The Trials of Ember team is currently seeking partnerships to produce the remaining five 2D webisodes and accompanying VR Experiences.

STAGE ONE made its festival premiere at the 2018 Artemis ‘Women in Action’ Film Festival. This particular festival was special to the filmmakers because it celebrates films that advance female action and empowerment heroes. The next festival screenings of STAGE ONE will be this July as part of the Super Geek Film Festival.  


The creators of TRIALS OF EMBER set out to develop a story about badass, sword-wielding characters unbound by gender inequality and stereotypes. TRIALS OF EMBER is meant to be an example of a world where humanity has transcended such inequalities: Where all men and women are fully acknowledged as complete equals in every way, including strength and intellect. To tell such a story, Amy and Jayme believe gender equality must also be present both in front of and behind the camera. Therefore, women make up 50% of the cast, crew and creative team.


The creators and stars of TRIALS OF EMBER have trained together for many years with sword master, Jan Bryant at the Academy of Theatrical Combat. They regularly post their sword dueling shenanigans on Instagram which mostly entail Jayme dying at the end of Amy’s blade. Jayme would also like everyone to know that while Ember fights with recognizable double sabres, Cypress uses a much rarer sword called a “spadroon.”

STAGE ONE was shot on sacred grounds at the Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple in Southern California. The temple itself can be seen in the opening drone shot of the series.


Jayme Wojciechowski
Producer at Coup de Gras Productions



Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @trialsofember


Ember: Amy Schumacher
Cypress: Jayme Wojciechowski

Creators / Writers: Amy Schumacher & Jayme Wojciechowski
Directors: Steven LaMorte
Director of Photography: Katie Eleneke
Sword Master: Jan Bryant
Composer: Miriam Mayer
Production Designer: Flip Kobler
Editor: Matthew Roscoe
Hair & Makeup: Amber Marie
Costume Designer: Cindy Marcus
Line Producer: Timothy Gaer
First Assistant Director: Arie Garcia
Fight Assistant: Jacob Lister
Gaffer: Eric Rosas
Sound: Sky Adams
Drone Operator: Hrant Shahinian
Associate Producers: Linda Miskell & Alan Bukowiecki

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Topics our creators are ready to discuss:

• Female empowerment and gender equality in Hollywood and independent filmmaking.

• Creating stories / characters that are not confined by gender roles and expectations.

• Virtual Reality: Bridging the gap between traditional and non-traditional content.

• Actors creating their own original content.

• Actors doing their own stunts.

• The use of violence and stunts in fantasy / sci-fi storytelling.